La Mas Querida | Thin Parrilla-style Pizza | Belgrano

This tiny small joint near Chinatown explodes with such friendly service, grills killer-big thin(ish) pizza right there and then, and serves some mean hot sauce along with it. If you are walking around at night, craving for something homely, crusty, filling and cheesy- walk in there with a friend or two, order a large pizza and refrain from inhaling the whole thing within 5 minutes.:) 

La Más Querida

Encheverria 1618, Belgrano, 4788 1455

the pizza man

the owner giving the best service

big or medium size ? Hmmm. Let’s ponder while we eat popcorn

pizza time: pesto

let’s do a close up

our second pizza: 1/2 mushroom 1/2 basil and tomato

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