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A lot has been happening these past weeks, and I’m squeezing in a tight work schedule before the year ends so we have a bit of space to travel- again. I still eat lots of yummy things, so I will post a few of my favorites whenever time allows. This usually happens in a certain morning with my dog, a jug of coffee and those syrup-covered medialunas from Confiterias La Argentina.  

love this bowl

salmon sandwich

Friday: sitting outside at La Esparanza (Sucre 1302, Belgrano) , loving the run down antique decor, and sitting outside people watching- observing my favorite chowdown La Esquina, located right across the street which serves the best grilled sweetbread sandwich.

art coffee

Saturday: dropping by in the morning to give some love to Lattente (Thames 1891, Palermo) cause I love doodles on my coffees. Wish there was more light and hangout feel in this place, but I was satisfied sitting on the bench outside chatting away. Next time my suggestion would be : more coffee, and less milk.

dulce de leche frappucino and strawberry frozen

gorgeous salad with generous mozzarella

look at that slabs of mozzarella cheese

and this smokes salmon egg sandwich

Sunday: someone told me that I had to check out La Salamandra’s (El Salvador 4741, Palermo ) dulce de leche milkshake. I was more happily impressed about the abundant of mozzarella cheeses, and the delicious ingredients in my salads and sandwiches. I love when I see 12+ balls of mozzarellas in my salads.

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