Sifones and Dragones | Unique Dining in Belgrano

Entrance (Photo Courtesy of RobnLauren Photographers)

Kitchen (Photo Courtesy of RobnLauren Photographers)

Sifones & Dragones

Ciudad de La Paz 174, Belgrano R, Buenos Aires 15 441 39871

Meghan from BuenaOndaYoga, knowing my stubbornness about finding uniqueness in BA’s food scene guaranteed that I would love this place. She was right- I loved it. The fun began from the entrance, and it continued on until our very last bite of dessert.

Restaurant Critic: Walking in reminded me of the open kitchen in Boulette’s Larder, San Francisco: the banging and clanging of pots, wonderful smells wavering out, and the small intimate dining space. The space itself is decorated in fun captions, colorful antiques, and artsy paintings; our smiles continued to get bigger as our menu was handed out in envelopes. What a fun dining experience.

soft warm breads

wonton inspired

homemade ravioli


Food Critic: The menu concept is revealed as Thai-influenced, but for me it is just good flavor integrating with some hints of ginger and soy sauce. Though the selections at hand are limited, the dishes that came out of that kitchen were well-executed; the complimentary bread was warm and soft, the fillings of the wonton had an unforgettable flavor, and the mains were well-made. The overall dining experience, in combination with the homely dishes and reasonable prices made this one of those must-go restaurants in BA. 20~30 pesos ($4.50~7.50) for starters, 50~60 pesos ($12.50~15) for mains. At the end of the night, two bottles of wines, appetizer, main and dessert all comes down to 125 pesos/person ( $31).


  • fun environment, unique dining experience
  • quality of food
  • great service
  • affordable
  • empanadas ‘wontons’
  • warm soft bread
  • homemade ravioli
  • raspberry sorbet with chocolate sauce


  • chocolate cake looks better than it tastes


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For 91 Days Travel Blog - April 20, 2011 - 4:02 pm

Added this one on or list – are there any other restaurants you can recommend in Belgrano? Preferable in “C” ?

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