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Taiwanese Turnip Cake | Asian Recipes | The Lost Asian

I’ve seen the 2 generations of women in my house making turnip cake with their eyes closed, as I, myself, now living abroad, often miss my mom’s turnip cake- steamed, sliced and pan fried until crispy on the exterior and bursting of daikon deliciousness in the middle. This recipe focuses on the shredded daikon, so […]

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Charlie’s Chocolate B.A.-nana Bread | Banana Bread Recipe | The Lost Asian

A few weeks back, we were invited to a dinner. And via emails, everyone was offering to bring something along the lines of drinks or snacks. Nothing too exciting. Then Charlie wrote back- unquestionably dropping the bomb that he was going to bring his famous Banana Bread. My first few thoughts when glancing at the email […]

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Khao Man Gai | Street Food | Thai Recipes

This dish, along with Thai fried rice are the equivalent of McDonalds for our family growing up; the spoonfuls of chicken and sauce is just like biting into those juicy Big Mac.  On some weekends, when my dad casually walks out the door saying he is going to grab some chicken rice for lunch, I’ll sit with […]

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Napa Cabbage Wrap | Appetizers | Thai Recipes

Last night we finally defrosted, brined, and crisped up the organic chicken we bought a week ago; we couldn’t stop ourselves going for seconds, picking at the skin, and licking our fingers. There is this whole process of home roasting a chicken that brings a warm happiness into the tummy. Every time; especially the process of […]

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Shredded Pork with Bell Peppers | Mains | Chinese Recipes

The two pork chops were sitting on the counter half defrosted from the freezer. I was bouncing ideas of what to do with tomorrow’s dinner because the the idea of putting down another sort of salad  (for the past few days we went from cumin vinaigrette, miso-soy sauce, to simple olive oil and vinegar) just had […]

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