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Dill and Drinks | Wasabi Martini and Nibbles | Microcentro

Dill and Drinks San Martin 986, Centro, Buenos Aires 4515 0675 I like this area at night, the streets narrowed, old and cobbled, a few pedestrians walking, or the sounds of engines drive past; the scarce lights that shines onto the pavements are borrowed from the restaurants- one after another lining up. Quiet and […]

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Antares Bar | Artisanal Beer

Antares Bar Arévalo 2876, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires 4772 2133 (for other locations: Bar Critic: Compare to Buller’s Pub, this place in Las Cañitas has much easy going vibe, vaulted ceiling, good lighting, plasma screen playing sports and a generous big space to hangout and relax. Drinks: During happy hour from 7pm to 8pm, prices […]

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Anuva Wine | Wine Tasting Buenos Aires

Anuva Wine Tasting Malabia 1308, corner of Niceto Vega Booking: (only by reservations) Tasting Room: The wine tasting is located at the lobby of a quaint boutique hotel, quiet and intimate, easy for people to talk and socialize comfortably. Drinks Critic: 5 wines with 5 nibbles (though that big empanada in the end was filling). I’m impressed by […]

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Gibraltar | Good Beers in San Telmo


Gibraltar Perú 895, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4362 5310 Bar Critic: An English pub style, their wooden interior decor brings this already small space to another level of warmness and coziness;  the center of this pub has a well- stocked bar, blackboard menus hanging, and a long wooden counter to hangout. My kind of place for a […]

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Puerta Uno | Hidden Door Bar | Belgrano


Puerta Uno Juramento 1667, Belgrano, Barrio Chino, Buenos Aires 11 4706 1522 ( Bar Critic: It wasn’t anticipated to be a surprisingly great bar hangout, as the location is in the midst of chinatown, right by the questionable pool shop, local restaurants and dark alleys. I had to knock loudly on the padded door before some big guy […]

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