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Our April Pop-Up | The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen

We are super excited.  #1: Two more months before our move to Singapore. Join us with food to celebrate to the end of the night- especially when May 1st is a holiday.  #2: Blanch have generously offered their beautiful space for us to play. Wooden floor, white linen, hanging crystal lights- we are here to woo you. #3: The […]

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Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ! | The Hidden Kitchen 2012 | The Lost Asian

  The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen would never top off the end of the year better than this:   888 facebook likes ! The best number to have in the world an amazing space to use (see photos below) from this past weekend doing it Chinese-style, aka family-style (pictures below)  and not but not least, having Cocina Sunae’s […]

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Daore Buenos Aires Korean BBQ | Floresta | The Lost Asian

Daore Korean BBQ Bacacay 3236 Buenos Aires 4612 9072 Sundays as we all know is the holy day of eating and sleeping (and maybe churching). My Sundays consist of sleep-walking while I eat brunch (how can one miss that), slipping back in to bed, and then finally waking up like a true vampire: hungry and […]

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The Facebook Convo behind POKE + The Hidden Kitchen | Collaborated Dish | Magdalena’s Party

August 28th   MH: hey i was thinking about you last night, was wondering if you wanna work together at poke one, those amazing spring rolls FR:  of course. awesome (talking about something else unrelated) MH: but lets plan on something FR: cool. anytime. just tell me 2 weeks beforehand so I can plan. MH: lets pencil in the 12 FR […]

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Poke Restaurant by Mychael | Wednesday nights | Magdalena’s Party

Poke Restaurant Wednesday nights at Magdalena’s Party Find Poke at Facebook. Read Mr. Henry’s favorite grubs around the city. This is a long due pop-up event post I meant to roll around in centuries ago. My stomach skips a beat every time I come across Mr. Henry’s weekly post of his menu and I mentally curse my Wednesdays- the longest […]

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