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Something Beautiful | Fervor + Caseros + Local | The Lost Asian

Leather seats, chandeliers, white linen cloth, and vaulted ceiling with balcony overlooking the diners-  the experience of dining at Fervor (Posadas 1519) is one of a kind. Expensive, but worth a go with friends and family. Their seafood platter is super-abundant. Though in my preference, a bit overcooked. Caseros (Caseros Av 486) is located at this peaceful, beautiful street […]

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What I’ve been Eating | Dada + Doppelganger | The Lost Asian

Something deliciousness that I’ve been eating this past week. Enjoy Dada, the cutest bistro in Centro has the dish that all mankind needs to eat. Fried sorrentinos filled with melted cheese lathering in the sauce of curry, cream and mushroom.  Doppelganger, in San Telmo has the most romantic, fun, casual bar ambiances- all meshed into one, and the […]

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All things San Telmo | El Desnivel + CSJ La Cantina | The Lost Asian

Let’s do a San Telmo food stroll together shall we ?  El Desnivel Defensa 855, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4300 9081 don’t get tempted in ordering those choripans when entering gaze fondly at the dusty memorabilia while waiting for your food scoop those chimichurri sauce generously onto your food ignore the long listed menu and order the […]

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Elcano Grill | Bife de Chorizo | Colegiales | The Lost Asian

Elcano Grill  Elcano Av. 3430, Colegiales, Buenos Aires 4555 0272 I like this area, along with bits and parts of Belgrano- the unexplored local feel when walking along the questionable sidewalks, not expecting my face squashed into a line of people out the door waiting for a slice of gooey cheesy pizza at La Mezzeta, […]

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The Secret Parrilla | Las Canitas | The Lost Asian

 The Secret Parrilla Las Canitas  (Book a tour with Parrilla Tour to find out) This is one of those places that you hear numerous times from locals, but when the exact address is explained, (the description tends to be vague), and they reveal some details of the buzzer, the black door frame etc..- someone distracts me at […]

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