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Our April Pop-Up | The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen

We are super excited.  #1: Two more months before our move to Singapore. Join us with food to celebrate to the end of the night- especially when May 1st is a holiday.  #2: Blanch have generously offered their beautiful space for us to play. Wooden floor, white linen, hanging crystal lights- we are here to woo you. #3: The […]

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La Cucina de Michele | Pasta Tasting | Las Canitas

This place reminds me of Flour + Water ‘s pasta tasting without the expensive bill that comes in the end. I love their pasta tastings, because it allows me to have a bit of everything. When you sit down at La Cucina de Michele, this is what you have to do :  go on a Sunday […]

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Eating Highlights Summer BA | Dec + Jan 2013 | The Lost Asian

I came back from traveling a few days ago. Happy to to unload our luggages on our living room floor, pack things away good, and getting back to the good ol’ routine of working- and eating something delicious. Highlights Filo’s thin crunchy pizza, savoy toppings, and bubbling cheese. And of course who doesn’t love the […]

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The Secret Parrilla | Las Canitas | The Lost Asian

 The Secret Parrilla Las Canitas  (Book a tour with Parrilla Tour to find out) This is one of those places that you hear numerous times from locals, but when the exact address is explained, (the description tends to be vague), and they reveal some details of the buzzer, the black door frame etc..- someone distracts me at […]

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EL Muelle | Seafood at Fisherman’s Club | The Lost Asian

El Muelle Av Rafael Obligado s/n y Av. Sarmiento, Costanera 4773 2216 Every time I see any reviews of “El Muelle”- in my mind there appears a vision of an old man hanging out at the harbour waiting to catch little kids and eat them for supper in his haunted house. It could be my […]

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