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Something Beautiful | Fervor + Caseros + Local | The Lost Asian

Leather seats, chandeliers, white linen cloth, and vaulted ceiling with balcony overlooking the diners-  the experience of dining at Fervor (Posadas 1519) is one of a kind. Expensive, but worth a go with friends and family. Their seafood platter is super-abundant. Though in my preference, a bit overcooked. Caseros (Caseros Av 486) is located at this peaceful, beautiful street […]

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La Pecora Nera | Italian in Recoleta | The Lost Asian

La Pecora Nera Ayaucho 1785, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4804 2000   We skipped the appetizers, ignored the meat dishes,  and dove into the wonders of pastas and risottos, slightly ignoring the basket of bread sprinkled with a suspicious white sugar crystal. I  love the decor of black curtains, dark woods, and delightful chandeliers.  By the end of […]

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Eating Highlights Summer BA | Dec + Jan 2013 | The Lost Asian

I came back from traveling a few days ago. Happy to to unload our luggages on our living room floor, pack things away good, and getting back to the good ol’ routine of working- and eating something delicious. Highlights Filo’s thin crunchy pizza, savoy toppings, and bubbling cheese. And of course who doesn’t love the […]

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Delicious Cafe | Favorite All-Time Cafe | Recoleta

Delicious Cafe ( Laprida 2015, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4803 1151 These past few days of hot scorching weather, no electricity in sight, and the populating mosquito colonies buzzing around my sweaty areas has imploded me to pack my bags of spices and move to igloos and glaciers. Okay, maybe I’ve stretched that thought a bit […]

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Sasha Pasteles | Viennoiserie pastries | Recoleta

Sasha Pasteles Juncal 2110, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4823 3745 One of the favorite parts of my morning ritual is going into the local pastry shop and picking up my morning bites. I know exactly what to get every time, yet each time my eyeballs involuntarily darts back and forth to the display of enticing selections, meanwhile my mind […]

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