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L’epi French Bakery | Delicious Almond Croissants | Recoleta

I love everything French; their love of food, life, discipline in eating, analytical techniques in food executions, and the natural simplicity in their dishes. They do have that right to be a bit snobbish; the country that churns out beautiful wines, french salt, truffle oil, butter, croissants, foie gras- must I say more?  Came across […]

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Jardin Organico | Organic Delivery in Buenos Aires | The Lost Asian

When there is no time for El Galpon, you’ll find me ordering online from Tallo Verde Organico. Though the many times I’ve ordered from them, frustation starts up the moment I can’t sign into my last account, won’t send me my ‘forgotten password’ and then having to create a whole identity, another email account and password (it […]

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El Gapon | Delicious Milk | Organic Market Buenos Aires

 Have been meaning to check out this organic market for awhile but the dedication it takes to get up on a Saturday morning with the sole purpose of grocery shopping just doesn’t convince me enough. My preference is to stubbornly get up late, dress shaggily and have a full-on breakfast served to me on a tray until […]

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Las Tortillas de Pancho Villa | Mexican Delivery | Buenos Aires

Anyone who has lived through dirt cheap delicious tacos costing less than a dollar will struggle finding outstanding Mexican in this city. Here mexican food are more of a fine dining experience for my taste, and furthermore the dish has no kick, and much too expensive for what it is worth. Is like telling me […]

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Baines Bacon in Buenos Aires | The Lost Asian

The paradox of human nature: we don’t realize what we have until it is gone. When I moved to Buenos Aires I quickly realized how important bacon was to my diet. Ironic to say Buenos Aires has lots of pancetta but not a hint of bacon selling, and me? I just would like a few slabs […]

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