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Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ! | The Hidden Kitchen 2012 | The Lost Asian

  The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen would never top off the end of the year better than this:   888 facebook likes ! The best number to have in the world an amazing space to use (see photos below) from this past weekend doing it Chinese-style, aka family-style (pictures below)  and not but not least, having Cocina Sunae’s […]

View full post » | Homestyle Italian | Belgrano C 11 de Septiembre 2490 Belgrano C, Buenos Aires 4896 4404  This place was highly recommended by two young men from San Francisco. As I listen with laughs and pleasure about their dining experience in BA, I knew this place is a must-go. All thanks to their wonderful mom, Antonia James (we connected via Food52), they were […]

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The Journey of Indian Cooking


I started my Indian cooking classes a few weeks ago, and since then it has been an Indian cooking marathon. This aroma of onions, cardamom, ghee, cilantro, and bread have now moved permanently into our apartment. First lesson: Store lots of Ghee for stir-frying, frying, baking, eating it raw etc. In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee aids digestion, treats anxiety, […]

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The Meat Heaven


Siga La Vica- a great recommendation by our Argentinian friend Dardo Rocha 2568- Partido de San Isidro- Buenos Aires 4717-1298/1556 We were being Argentinians Saturday night. We ate at 12 midnight and didn’t get home until way past our normal Duff and Frann bed-time. Don’t matter if this way of eating was unhealthy; this was […]

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