Taiwanese Hole in the Wall | Chinatown Buenos Aires | Barrio Chino

Crepe-like Dessert with choices of Red Bean Filling or Custard Cream Filling

Taiwanese Snacks: Luo Mi, Ba Wan and such

Mi Xian Geng: Flavorful Soup-LIke Dish with Thin Rice Noodle, Bamboo, Tofu and Mushroom

Comida Taiwanesa- Finding Authentic Taiwanese Food

Mendoza 1629, Belgrano, Buenos Aires 15-6585-4299 (right next to Supermercado Asia oriental)

*They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00~18:00

A few weeks ago, I spotted this tiny shop, since then we’ve religiously come back every weekend for our Taiwanese cravings. Taiwanese Cuisine is all about street food (street snacks); going to restaurants isn’t common, unless they are celebrations of some sort. Therefore for anyone to prove authenticity outside Taiwan, is the ability to master a few great selections of street food and keeping the cost similar to prices back home. I can never bring myself to approve street food that are served in high priced restaurant settings. This shop has my approval 100%- I am very impressed with the authentic flavor, simplicity and price. Though, I shouldn’t be surprised. Everywhere I walk in Barrio Chino, I can hear Taiwanese here and there; maybe they should rename it to Barrio Taiwanesa.

A sample of street food in Taiwan: http://hungryintaipei.blogspot.com/2009/01/taiwanesenight-market-i-strongly.html

Restaurants Critic: If you are looking for a quick yummy bite without the ambiance- this is the place to go. The shop is small with only a table and two chairs, most people buy it to go or eat around the streets. Don’t feel overwhelmed because the food looks unfamiliar; everything is good. This is also a vegetarian venue, for all the vegetarians out there. (I haven’t yet told my carnivore husband who loves this place.. )


  • the noodle is very flavorful and is served with 2 pieces of fried vegetarian meat, cilantro and a dash of white pepper.
  • crepe-like filling is just gorgeous. I love the red bean filling, crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside.
  • Ba Wan (the round-shape in the grill pan)-  sticky, chewy glutinous rice skin with vegetarian meat and bamboo filling, served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • yummy ‘pork’ buns served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • chewy glutinous rice with peanuts covered with fried dough served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • we had a bun, noodle soup, dessert, glutinous rice, ba wan- all for 14.5 pesos ($3.50)!


  • I would love to have more varieties to choose from
  • if they can open daily instead of just the weekend
  • providing more sitting area

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Julia - May 20, 2014 - 12:56 am

Ohhh <3 my favourite place in Barrio Chino to eat. The soup, with some really hot home-made sauce, is gorgeous. The kind of bao tze makes you feel better just tasting it. The 'bocadito' (they call it that way)… I guess you didn't tried it. Its a croquette made of principally cabbage and couliflower, heavenly seasoned like all they make. Next time in Buenos Aires, don't miss that!
A MUST when I woke up with hangover. The food this lovely people makes is so fresh and homemade, and its flavour is so well mastered, this is dicine for the soul. Makes me feel so comfy and happy. Love them.

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