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Poke Restaurant Wednesday nights at Magdalena’s Party

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This is a long due pop-up event post I meant to roll around in centuries ago. My stomach skips a beat every time I come across Mr. Henry’s weekly post of his menu and I mentally curse my Wednesdays- the longest night at work where my dinner consists of needles, bakasana, and grueling body pain after a day’s hard work. 

Restaurant Critic

You’ll see Mychael disappearing in and out of the kitchen delivering tapa-style dishes to hip, young crowd every Wednesday night at Magdalena’s Party- him and his entourage shuffling around the room making sure we got all the love we need: good food, beers, and fine company. Affordable cheap grub: great to go with friends. Not so great if you are past the age of 60, have kids tugging at your sleeves, wanting to have a romantic quiet time with your potential take-home date, or the combination of all the above.

Food Critic

I don’t know if it was the single-noted soy sauce flavours we had the other night at Shanghai Dragon Bar that heightened my appreciation for Poke’s food. The moment the crunchy chicken wings paired with soy sauce vinaigrette (with a splash of green onion and toasted sesame seeds) slided right infront of my face, my first response was to take that dish and tiptoe to a unlit corner: me and the plate, savoring every crunch of those 6 wings- that suddenly seemed too little to share between 4 people. Everything else that night became a blur. The table loved the heartiness of the creamy black beans, rice, with grilled bits of carne, as well as the fresh asian combination of the sushi bowl. Me? Still hanging out with those crispy bits at the back of my tongue, as I stared afar, sending Mychael some of my psychic wavelength hoping he will come out with a bucket of chicken wings just for my enjoyment only.

A well-deserved applaud and a rare gem for bar food that served by a pair of hands that understands Asian ingredients.


  • dishes made with care and an understanding of Asian ingredients
  • affordable
  • good bar grubs with friends
  • love the wings
  • menu changes weekly


  • a tad bigger portions for insatiable person like me


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