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August 28th


MH: hey i was thinking about you last night, was wondering if you wanna work together at poke one, those amazing spring rolls
FR:  of course. awesome
(talking about something else unrelated)
MH: but lets plan on something
FR: cool. anytime. just tell me 2 weeks beforehand so I can plan.
MH: lets pencil in the 12
FR thinking: pencil? When was the last time I used a pencil? 
FR: cool.  And I have yoga Wed night. so what do you think if I make everything and give it to you, or do you need me to get Stu in there?
MH: we can bring Stu in, and it would be nice if you came by too, not to work in the kitchen (FR secretly jumped for joy upon hearing that) but to do front of the house and working LAHK.


September 4th 


(chatting random stuff)
MH: We should discuss. I like your spring rolls – we should definitely have them. But, maybe we can collaborate on a dish as well, with elements from both of our concepts. We can practice it during the week, and even though you won’t be there right off the bat for Wednesday, Stu and I will be able to execute it. Thoughts?
FR: cool! Let’s do that. (thinking: though not sure to committing to practice during the week) 


September 7th 


MH: Hey! You have a sec?
FR: Yes! What’s up?
MH: thinking ’bout the menu, I’m thinking something veg
FR: Cool. Keep talking
MH: and veg? Mmm. We can perhaps use the peanut sesame noodles as a base
FR: Cool. I could do the noodles by hand. (should not have said that: crossing fingers that MH will throw that time-consuming idea out the window)
MH: OH G! You’re amazing.
FR thinking: please say no
FR: Ha. I dont know. Or what else can I distribute? If I do make noodles, I can only make certain number and if it is sold out- it’s sold out
MH: hand pulled noodles is a lot of work. Well you’ve had poke.
FR: (trying to change subject) And how many orders of spring roll should I make? (3 for each)
MH: 15
MH: I got it! What about daikon y sweet potato cake, or a beef salad on top of a piece of butter lettuce?
FR: Can u do lomo salteado version? And I do my awesome spicy Sichuan shoestring fries? Sunae’s thai salads are very awesome. No way I’m going to touch that territory.
MH:  Lomo salteado w. shoestring fries. Lomo is not good to make on the fly.
MH: What about meatball?


September 9th 


FR: Hey! sorry. I was just caught up with Saturday. How about you do your awesome chicken wings and I’ll put in a side of coleslaw?
(MH ignoring FR’s messages since it was a Sunday and he was bloody marying away)
FR blabbing away: hmmmm since we have something fried. your fried chicken + my sweet lady sauce, drizzle with mint leaves. and then I can do some kind of stir-fried bean sprouts , tofu, vermicelle noodles. taiwanese-style and skip the spring rolls
(MH still ignoring FR) 


21 hours ago


MH: hey skype call?
FR: ha. really? okay
(random conversation)
MH: okay. so chicken wings?
FR: okay. Stu and I are figuring out the coleslaw today. You want more acidic or creamy?
MH: a bit of cream and a big more acidic
FR grumbles in her head
FR: okay, I’ll confirm with you the flavour of the coleslaw by 6pm


16 hours ago


FR: GOT IT! We decided on a ($&#!) dressing to go with your soy sauce, sesame drizzle


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Vivi @ My.Beautiful.Air - September 12, 2012 - 2:09 pm

awesome. can’t wait.

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