Le Pain Quotidien | Arrival of the Belgium bakery in Palermo | Croissants

the bakery counter and take-away line

the fun communal seating

the menu on the table

oh yes: many condiments on the table

small bowls of coffee with brown sugar

sourdough toast, jam and cheese, egg and salad. where is the hollandaise sauce?

the pain au chocolat

the perfect Sunday

Le Pain Quotidien 


Jerónimo Salguero 3075, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Good Morning, Happy Sunday, and if you’re still in bed reading this- get dressed now and mosey on over.  A little bird who knew my undying love to butter, breakfasts, and croissants revealed to me about this hot spot that just opened two weeks shy- and already has lines out the street waiting to have a taste of perfectly-executed french pastries and sourdough breads. 

Cafe Critic

There is a beautiful bakery counter at the entrance for take-out and then a two floor seating area to hang out. The interior is bustling with natural light and vaulted ceiling, filled with wooden tables and chairs. We love the fun communal seatings, the casual high bar at the take-out counter, or getting private tables for some alone time. The service is super-friendly, though short staffed with a packed house at 9am, they somehow delivered everything spot on with a smile. Great to go with friends, couples, and families- or even just drop in for coffee and a croissant to go.

Food Critic

I love everything. I didn’t mind that this is an international pastry shop that serves tad more expensive pastries. My taste buds were over the moon when the croissants were gently layered so elegantly with no oily aftertaste in my mouth. My eyes were ecstatic seeing the condiments at every table: Belgian chocolate jars, house made dulce de leche, jams of all assortments, Tunisian olive oil, sea salt- all ready to be slathered on my chewy assortments of breads. Though they might be missing some saucing on my other half’s poached egg dish, the service and the consistent quality of food just made me smile the whole way. 44 pesos ($9) for a basket of very delicious breads with croissant/or pan au chocolat, a freshly squeezed orange juice, and a coffee of your choice. 6.50 ($1.3) for a croissant/or pan au chocolat. I heard their chocolate mousse bombon cake are to-die-for. Next time I’ll be back for their salads, tarts, sandwiches and everything else.


  • consistency: service, and pastries. All the breads were deliciously made
  • ambiance: love the communal seating, the vault ceiling, the wooden interior, and the little bits and pieces of decorations
  • condiments: rare imported goodies to slather on breads
  • croissants: finally, croissants that are made in so many layers without the after taste of grease and staleness


  • short staffed



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Victoria - November 10, 2012 - 6:21 pm

Que buena nota!
Sabés cuál es el teléfono del local? Me imagino que hay que reservar antes de ir… Gracias!

Leentje - October 29, 2012 - 12:55 am

Hi! I love your note on Le Pain Quotidien! One important remark though: Le Pain Quotidien is a Belgian chain, not French! The French already stole our fries, I won’t let them steal other successful formulas :)

Nic - October 28, 2012 - 6:29 pm

Do you know their opening hours? That looks yummie – thanks for sharing.

[…] * getting my hands on the limited amounts of almond croissant daily at Le Pain Quotidien […]

Brunch » En busca del brunch: pan - November 4, 2012 - 4:09 pm

[…] Todos los días de 8 a 12 y los fines de semana hasta las 15, en Le Pain Quotidien sirven brunch. La cadena belga de panadería gourmet que acaba de desembarcar en la Argentina, sirve para dos personas a $ 65 por persona: jugo de naranja exprimido o limonada, bebida caliente a eleccón con refill, cesta de diferentes panes iorgánicos, con mermelada, miel o dulce de leche, más granola parfait o yogur con frutas, ración de queso, jamón cocido o salmón ahumado, y algo dulce como croissants o pain au chocolat, más huevo pasado por agua. En diciembre, abre su segundo local en Palermo viejo. (imagen) […]

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