Moreneta de Montserrat | Red Beets and Desserts | Monserrat

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Moreneta de Montserrat

Moreno 477, Monserrat, Buenos Aires 4331 1428

Curiosity about the chefs and the place itself play about when I start biting into delicious morsel of desserts that still ridiculously makes me salivate as I am writing this. Yes yes, they all trained and worked in El Bulli, the incestious bunch that opened a series of restaurants/cafes in this city, pushing the movement of fine dining- I get it, but there is something different about this place. The story of two fun good-looking chefs who fell in love, worked together in El Bulli, came back and open this cute little cafe/restaurant. The space is small and simple, only opens during the day, and the prices are suspiciously cheap. And like them, the food reflects fun and simplicity with the tweaks of love, setting themselves humbly different from the others. So far, one of my favorite cafes in this city. 

Restaurant Critic

Located at the cobblestone of Montserrat streets, this cute tiny space from the outside opens up to a spacious space with vault ceiling- the beautiful light streaming in illuminating the restaurant; the wooden floor, scattered tables and chairs, colourful placemats, and homey decor provide an easy comfy environment. Suitable for friends, couples, or anyone to drop by for a chat, coffee, lunch, or per se- studying or working.

Food Critic

Their plates are served with something much more than salads tumbled with salt, oil and vinegar. Their quality of ingredients are applaudable, and the small tweaks they make to each dish makes bellies happy: the deep-smoked salmon, the creamy dill dressing with the salad, the burst of red beets cream that explodes out of the stuffed pasta, the delicate flowers and leaves they sprinkle on with care. Nothing impressed me more than their desserts, especially when the usual boring chocolate torta blew my palate away. I can’t describe the perfect smoothness, texture, and creaminess of this wonderful piece of cake; or the layered flavours of dulce de leche cream with the dust of cacao, and the refreshing taste of what seemed like some crushed ice with herbs and fruits. Their menu changes daily; 35 pesos-48 pesos ($7-10) with two different options to choose from. In addition, there are options of adding coffee and a drink for 10 pesos ($2), and/or 7 pesos ($1.5) for dessert. Deal? Oh yes. Keep in mind they also have Sunday brunches, and now have future plans to open during the evenings.


  • location and ambiance
  • super friendly down-to-earth service
  • a special place for lunches or desserts
  • very affordable
  • none yet:)

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Zielor - December 22, 2011 - 12:27 am

I’ve been twice and am so glad it’s in my barrio. Will definitely have to go back for more desserts! Thanks!

Michelle - December 5, 2011 - 6:11 pm

I’m going stop by today, I think… and I’m from LA too! ;)

Deb - November 30, 2011 - 12:03 am

I’m glad u liked it! Can’t wait to try, have no one to go with.. yet. I’m back from spending thanksgiving in LA, how did you spend the holidays?

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