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La Anita

Av. Tiscornia 843 (right off the San Isidro stop of Tren de La Costa),  4742 6255

This has been on my list to rave about for awhile. I was distracted; too infatuated with the food in Peru, then right after it was San Fran and I was (and still) happily drowning in my all-time favorite food scene (and beer scene). A month has passed and I gotta admit: it is time to go home, to the simple slabs of meat, and slow afternoons spend with friends at gem places- like this one. 

Restaurant Critic

This place is too cute. On a warm day: sit outside in the open veranda, or sit near the windows for some romantic space, or hibernate deep into the cafe where you’ll see families and kids run around the tables. A great place for couples, friends, and families to gather for a good meal, wines, and laughs.

Food Critic

The menu is extensive, from salads, soups, homemade pastas, crunchy cheesy quesadillas, mouth-watering desserts, and a bit of everything else to satisfy all cravings. The flavours, portions, and the value of the meals were repeatedly, surprisingly fantastic. The pumpkin raviolis were bursting with filling, mixed in generously with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and a side of salad (enough to feed 2-3). The exterior of the quesadillas had a great crunch: the mixed veggies spilling out, the cheese oozing out, fresh guac on the side, and finishing with a side of salad. Two glasses of wine and three mains, plus tip came down to $34, or 150 pesos. Ridiculous right?


  • extensive menu
  • different flavours and options
  • abundant portions
  • very affordable
  • easy-going, fun ambiance
  • none



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