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One of the things Buenos Aires did well for their people is providing the abundance of ice cream to melt all their worries away. Combine that and their incredible door-to-door deliveries, ensuring that a lick of happiness is just a call away. Though ice cream is everywhere to be tasted, I am still stuck with Volta and Persicco. Ah. Persicco, I have finally gotten around to it. One taste of the rich creamy flavors just may replace my all-time favorite, Ici in Berkeley. Last night, all four of us licked away a whole box of ice cream. (70 pesos ($18) for 1 kilo) After two bowls, the withdrawal creeps upon me; didn’t help knowing that with just one phone call, I can have my addiction all over again.

Persicco (locations all over)

Heladeria Critic: The openness and the bright color combinations of the ambiance just puts a smile on my face.


  • W-O-W: words cannot described the exquisiteness of their flavors
  • we tried chocolate with almonds, dulce de leche with chocolate, tramontana, and banana split


  • if only they had waffle cones like Ici: that chooclate bite in the end of the cone
  • playful curious flavors
  • a bit expensive in comparison to other local places

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