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entering the space

something to snack on

starting with chorizo

a big salad


and the meat

let’s eat

 The Secret Parrilla

Las Canitas  (Book a tour with Parrilla Tour to find out)

This is one of those places that you hear numerous times from locals, but when the exact address is explained, (the description tends to be vague), and they reveal some details of the buzzer, the black door frame etc..- someone distracts me at the table, and I never end up writing it down. So, if it wasn’t for the Parrilla Tour who showed me this place, I would of never stepped into this no-sign place and shared a great meal as David gave us a superb run down on the cuts of meat, and the story behind this place. 

Restaurant Critic 

It is one of the kind parrilla. The crowds are locals, families, old men eating together- and always packed for lunches and dinners. The space is small, with an upstairs and downstairs, the big black parrilla welcoming you when entering, and very cool-traditional men serving you fantastic service from beginning to end. If you are in the area of Las Canitas, it is a great place to bring out of town guests: this place is super affordable, great for backpackers, students, and all people who love a solid meal in this city.

Food Critic

The menu is widely extensive: from shrimp, mussels, calamari, to all the main cuts of meat. We really enjoyed the tender bites of eggplant, the big salad and juicy matambrito (pork). The carne, chorizo were good, but as a snobby carne eater- the winner still goes to my few favorites in this city. The price was a tad cheaper than our norm of parrilla: about 100 pesos ($20) for a bottle of wine, fries, salads, meat etc.


  • warm complimentary bread, and eggplant dish
  • superb service
  • a secret, unique experience
  • the extensive seafood menu: get the calmari
  • matambrito
  • big portion of salads
  • very well-priced
  • sweetbreads: chewy
  • okay cuts of meat
  • fries


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Cory - August 22, 2012 - 2:27 pm

I hate you right now. This has been my place for the last four years and now I have to make a reservation to get a table. F@#$ing bloggers ;-)

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