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packed place

the sauce and cheese


a bit of tongue

the tenderness


a bowl of salad

the chicken

finishing up: the meringue


Av. Corrientes 6735, Chacarita, Buenos Aires 4553 2400

Who knew this discrete, dark, barred-up-window restaurant across from Chacarita cemetery has people packing around the door by 9pm catching a quick bite of anything and everything. My instructions prior to coming were: get their thin-crust pizza while you wait for the charred chicken and fries; but by the time I sat down, investigated their overwhelming menu, and glancing at the dishes all around me- I wanted a taste of everything. 

Restaurant Critic

The place is indescribably ancient; some might call it outdated. The space is big, like a giant cafeteria room, no music playing in the background, musky, filled with chairs and tables, and crusty horse paintings on the wall. This was one of those moments where we stood out from the locals- a couple of tables trying out their english with us, and offering restaurant recommendations. The clientele are retirees, families, young and old (all seemed to be regulars) getting together for a good meal. Definitely a place if you love delicious food paired with a great local dining experience, courageous enough to venture out of the comfort zone of your neighborhood, and don’t give a care about chic ambiance. Go with a bunch of people to get more dishes to share.

Food Critic

Their menu is ridiculously extensive, offering all varieties of local porteno and Italian fare: empanadas, antipasto (cold and hot) pastas, seafood, meat. etc. Following strict orders, I started on the pizza while waiting on the chicken; the pizza came out within 5 minutes: chewy, thin with a hefty amount of tomato sauce (80 pesos for grande). Having a weak spot for offal, the order of lengua con salsa verde we had was perfectly tender and flavorful. The waiting around continued, and I couldn’t resist flagging the waiter down for an order of steaming mussels that kept passing us- and for just 43 pesos ($10)- I obviously had to. The chicken finally came, and I cursed myself for not ordering extra fries that sat on the bottom of the pan: crunchy fries that soaked up all the provencal sauce- the highlight of the meal. Their famous meringue dessert with dulce de leche was more impressive visually. In the end, we ate very well for just about 105 pesos ($23) per person, including tip: pizza, salad, appetizer, mussels, chicken, beers, and dessert to share.


  • the local feel of the space and people
  • the varieties of dishes, inexpensive and all done well
  •  superb, gentlemen service
  • we wish we would of get: more seafood selections, fried rabas, pastas, and more pizza:)


  • uninterested complimentary bread
  • location may not be of convenience
  • pizza is only served at night
  • not a date place


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Candice Anderson - July 9, 2012 - 4:10 pm

Hmmmmmm…….. seeing these foods made me really hungry especially the pizza cause I’m a pizza lover. Great food could catch the customers attention and interest.

Candice Anderson

Frank Almeida - June 12, 2012 - 2:17 pm

Ooh, I forgot to tell you about that meringue. I had it once, only once… Glad you liked it!

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