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Casa Felix- The closed door restaurant

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This has been a long anticipated meal since arriving to BA; everyone has either heard of Casa Felix, wants to try Casa Felix, or have eaten and praised about Casa Felix. The chef behind this, Diego Felix, is known for his style to cultivate fresh local ingredients from Argentina and introducing it into his menu- his art of expressing slow food.

Restaurant Critic: The space itself is a great introduction of what is to come. As the door opened, we were hushed into this beautiful courtyard covered with vines, herbs and plants which eventually joins into the kitchen, opening into a backyard garden-giving this interior-feel its own unique personality. The dining room itself is vaulted, spacious, simple and clean.

Food Critic: The care and thought can definitely be seen in this delicate menu; after each chew and bite, one can observe the thoughts that goes behind incorporating locally grown ingredients into commonly local dishes such as empanada and locro- all presented beautifully with drops of infused oil and sauces. The overall dining experience is perfect for out-of-town guests and tourists looking for an Argentine food experience with a local twist. Disappointingly for me, the layers of the flavors seems to be lacking that one element to push out the the maximum potential of the obvious well-thought dishes. The mushroom empanada felt something amiss when all the flavors only consist of three different mushrooms chopped up and stuffed into a well-prepared flaky crispy crust. I kept debating if the kitchen could just incorporate a bit of thyme and stock to bring out the robustness of the mushroom filling, and the questions continued as each dish was presented. In conclusion, the ‘wow’ factor didn’t seal this meal; a place that has been well-known internationally and written up a few times by the NY Times just didn’t hit my top list in BA. The set price was 150 pesos ($38), which I would of willingly pay for it, if only it could strive for that one notch better.


  • charming interior: garden, kitchen, dining area
  • great service
  • love the concept, the locally grown herbs in the dishes
  • healthy and light
  • burnt mate
  • overall a good meal


  • lacking of certain wow factor in each dish
  • pieces of chewy calamari in shepherd’s pie
  • similar to a restaurant setting but in a closed door setting: the separation of the tables, instead of one big table.

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Hamish - April 27, 2011 - 3:46 pm

Completely agree that Casa Felix lacks the “wow” factor. We had a lovely time when we went but none of the dishes really blew me away. Great photos as always.

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