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This is one of those once in a lifetime experience. There is not really a storefront. The inside just sits 6 tables, filled by old locals and families. Food is family-style for an unbelievably price of 140 pesos/person:  no menu, and these dishes keeps appearing throughout the whole night until anticipations around the table are replaced by fear, food coma, and belt-less pants. Enjoy:) 

Maria Fedele

Bolivar 933, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4361 4679

Here are the following advises:

  1. Only go if you just finished a marathon
  2. Try not to touch the bread basket and inhale the whole plate of cured meats
  3. Refrain from asking for a second round of anything- cause they gladly refill up any dishes you enjoy. Just say no.
  4. Bite into those meatballs, pate, stuffed and baked eggplants of all sorts, and lovely pastas
  5. Wear lose pants, or no pants at all
  6. Pace yourself for desserts, and remember to share even though you were about to throw up

sitting down



a big plate of meat

marinated eggplant

stuffed tomatoes



pasta #1

pasta #2

fist-like size meatballs

and after: a chicken casserole


strawberries and cream

fried cinnamon bites


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Celebrating Women’s Day | Las Violetas + Bar du Marche | The Lost Asian

Happy Friday, and it is also Women’s International Day ! 

Las Violetas

Rivadavia Ave 3899, Almagro, Buenos Aires 4958 7387

This gigantic place in Almagro might be a bit far out, but for its nostalgic architecture and old-style experience it is a one-of-a-kind super special place. Go for coffees desserts and pastries- and even their regular food is very decent. I loved their soup of the day and salads. Cool fact: a friend told me that this place is co-opted by all the waiters.


Malabia 1510, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4831 4675

This corner bakery located in Palermo just opened a few months back. Love the vibe, and the owners. The croissants are a hit and miss, but what hit me good are those dense rye bread toast with a fat dollop of queso crema.

Bar du Marche

Nicaragua 5946, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4778 1050

I’m always there, night and day, either grabbing a bite, sipping on their wines by the glass, and nibbling on their cheeses.  * Try their lunch omakase (99), and you get a beautiful selection of sushi, sake, and coffee. Or do their closed door restaurant at night and tell me all about it.

very cute space

wines and cheeses

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All things San Telmo | El Desnivel + CSJ La Cantina | The Lost Asian

Let’s do a San Telmo food stroll together shall we ? 

El Desnivel

Defensa 855, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4300 9081

  1. don’t get tempted in ordering those choripans when entering
  2. gaze fondly at the dusty memorabilia while waiting for your food
  3. scoop those chimichurri sauce generously onto your food
  4. ignore the long listed menu and order the empanadas, a complete salad, fries, and bife de chorizo
  5. walk out with a full stomach and a full wallet

this big juicy empanda

 Rivas Cafe

Estados Unidos 302, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4361 5539

  1. feel fancy and sexy just sitting in this beautiful establishment
  2. order a coffee, or a drink to aid digestion while passing time
  3. check out Stand-up Comedy Tuesday nights
  4. careful. The food never lives up to the beautiful ambiance, but that is up to your wallet to decide

San Telmo Verde

Peru 677, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Meghan from Jueves a la Mesa has been dying to show me this store. On the way, Pick Up The Fork and I coincidentally bump heads- or more so with my petite height- I bumped into her warm bosoms. We ventured all together, and it was love at first sight. Go every Friday (10-18:00) and gather your organic goods. FYI: I’m in love with their grass fed cured meat.

 Cafe San Juan “La Cantina”

Chile 474, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4300 9344

Verdict ? Good enough. 

Mr. San Juan should give more gusto to his new establishment. Everyone might love to be a part of this Argentine’celebrity restaurant, but I want to be left craving more instead of applauding his very cool logo and serve wares. 

  1. the space is modern-chic: high ceiling, white decor, booth, great natural light, and THE CSJ artists-tattoo-bearing service
  2. clean and small menu: 6 tapa selections are about 50 pesos, 2 raviolis, 5 pastas, 1 fish, and 3 main entree selections are from 70 and up
  3. open at nights during weekdays; middays during weekends
  4. the best dish: the faina breads with confit rabbits and onions
  5. mushroom raviolis and tiramisu-it-up

the beautiful (north american-like) space

this fiana tapas with rabbit

mushroom heaven ravioli

and this piece of steak

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All things Seafood | Lucuma + Kaizen | The Lost Asian

I have been day dreaming about seafood ever since my other half has been committed to this four hour body lifestyle, and our meals have been hunks after hunks of convenient around-the-block meat places. 


Humahuaca 4101, Almargo, Buenos Aires 4861 2838.

This Peruvian chef cooks his heart out (other half thought: does that make him the Tin Man?), comes out sweaty with all smiles, asking if we are enjoying our dinner. The space is intimate, and clean- without the fancy expensive menu to go with it.  Fruit drinks are freezing cold and come in pitchers – just the way I like it. The food towers onto the table with fresh big seafood animals looking at us. I would of devour the whole tacu tacu dish if politeness wasn’t my first language.


causa done creamy and fresh

this ceviche madness

my favorite: tacu tacu

and this carmelized apple quinoa dessert


Guatemala 4665, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4831 5237

This 6 table intimate space in Palermo rolls out delicious Japanese – Peruvian food, all made by the chef himself. Well-priced, super fresh, and delicately delicious. Forewarn: there are of course some cream cheese selections- just ask for other options and the chef happily caters to your buds. Don’t forget to stray away from the Japanese side and dig into his Peruvian creations.

the chef

platter of sushi

mix ceviche

La Esperanza de los Ascurra | Spanish Tapas and Fun | Villa Crespo

This is one of my favorite fun spanish tapas hangout: super-friendly ambiance suited for young and old, always delicious food, very affordable – simply a cool local vibe. I can never stop digging into their fried to perfection spanish potatoes mix in this delicious sauce. Two thumbs up for their vegetarian lasagna, spanish tortilla, and all things pickled and burrata. 1/2 portion is available but why not get the full portion ? I love their : 

  • friendly fun local vibe: suitable for friends, family, and get togethers
  • affordable menu : 1/2 portion available
  • vegetarian lasagna
  • burrata (mmmm)
  • bravas potatoes
  • tortilla
  • and all things fried and pickled

La Esperanza de los Ascurra


Aguirre 526, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires 2058 8313

happy hour time

a few rounds

the warm bread basket

the menu

eggplant pickles

this calamari

and I can’t stop digging into these patatas bravas



* T.Pann on Santa Fe has very delicious weigh-it-yourself lunch deal. Though I won’t ask you to venture to their over priced japanese restaurant; their lunch buffet-style is one of my favorite recently. Worth the price.

** Rio Alba’s wood- charred meat is recommendable, though what I inhaled is their Rio Alba’s salad with white beans, and those plate of fries and chips.

*** Fan away the heat with 2×1 IPA and honey beers at Shanghai Dragon starting as early as 6pm. Refrain from ordering their chinese food:)


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