La Cucina de Michele | Pasta Tasting | Las Canitas

This place reminds me of Flour + Water ‘s pasta tasting without the expensive bill that comes in the end. I love their pasta tastings, because it allows me to have a bit of everything. When you sit down at La Cucina de Michele, this is what you have to do : 

  1. go on a Sunday lunch and sit by the window
  2. skip looking at the expensive menu selections and just order the pasta tasting that comes with 1 plate/person of do-it-yourself antipastos (150 pesos/person)
  3. go to antipasto spread and try to fill it mountain high (because you can only do it once).
  4. sit down and enjoy the tender bites of filled pastas
  5. roll your eyes when you dig in the cheese-filled gnocchi
  6. regret that you ate so much of those antipastos when you come onto the 4th course
  7. force stuff the delicious sweet crepe into your mouth and roll back home into a pasta coma

La Cucina de Michele 

Av. Luis M. Campos 599, Las Canitas, Buenos Aires 4899 1699

the cold dishes

beef tongue done perfect

1st course : ravioli butter cream sauce

fried one bite with pesto

3rd: tender bites of gnnochi

4th dish : too full to eat

the crepe : so good

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Eating Highlights Summer BA | Dec + Jan 2013 | The Lost Asian

I came back from traveling a few days ago. Happy to to unload our luggages on our living room floor, pack things away good, and getting back to the good ol’ routine of working- and eating something delicious.


Filo’s thin crunchy pizza, savoy toppings, and bubbling cheese. And of course who doesn’t love the fun lunch-time crowd as we squeeze in between tables to eat.

Porota’s breakfast made with love and abundance. I can’t get over their yummy sticky honey with their breads. Check out Pick Up The Fork’s post for their lunches.

Thursday nights at Gardiner’s. Hanging at their posh outdoor patio and doing some people watching, while sipping and nibbling.

Stroll through San Telmo and make sure to order one of this at La Poesia: cappucino al italiano.

La Boutique de Jean Paul (the corner boutique bread store at the Alvear hotel). The best croissant and chocolate croissant so far in this city – and might I say these chocolate puff pastries are addictive.

A few blocks from Alvear is Arkakao: ice cream meant for gods. The flavours of choices are shown as one ingredient. One lick produces punches of intensity, highlighting quality o-m-g ingredients. I liked everything, but my favorite is pink grapefruit, banana, and coconut.

Sitting outside at the picturesque Madame Croque sipping coffee and digging into this piece of sweetness.

I dropped by the newly opened cafe Guardiola at Las Canitas. A bunch of people had told me about their ice cream. I am drooling for their maracuya ice cream with crunchy seeds- and also their salads and chicken wrap.

La Mas Querida | Thin Parrilla-style Pizza | Belgrano

This tiny small joint near Chinatown explodes with such friendly service, grills killer-big thin(ish) pizza right there and then, and serves some mean hot sauce along with it. If you are walking around at night, craving for something homely, crusty, filling and cheesy- walk in there with a friend or two, order a large pizza and refrain from inhaling the whole thing within 5 minutes.:) 

La Más Querida

Encheverria 1618, Belgrano, 4788 1455

the pizza man

the owner giving the best service

big or medium size ? Hmmm. Let’s ponder while we eat popcorn

pizza time: pesto

let’s do a close up

our second pizza: 1/2 mushroom 1/2 basil and tomato

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ! | The Hidden Kitchen 2012 | The Lost Asian

Finishing off the year with the lucky number: 888 !


The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen would never top off the end of the year better than this:  

  • 888 facebook likes ! The best number to have in the world
  • an amazing space to use (see photos below) from this past weekend
  • doing it Chinese-style, aka family-style (pictures below) 
  • and not but not least, having Cocina Sunae’s staff + team to eat their hearts out, while we cook our hearts out ! 
HAPPY CHRISTMAS and MERRY NY, and eat LOTS ! We’ll see you all for our next series of pop-up in February (maybe).:) 

our Lauren setting up the space (and taking a relaxing long break in between)

and we are getting ready to go

the night settling in

let’s butter carmel those popped popcorn, and add some spicy lime homemade peanut butter

pickled cucumber with our spicy hot oil

appetizer of sweet pork ribs and our fermented yuzu plum syrup

spinach was overly priced, so we did chard with chinese sesame dressing

our pan fried turnip cake + house made xo sauce

dry-fry up those turnip cake with dried shrimp, chilis and green onion

our mom’s steam chicken meat balls, dipped gently in sticky rice and steamed


… and alas after the appetizers, we start getting busy and Mrs. Lost Asian just forgot about the camera sitting there waiting to be used. Instead, we’ll just post the menu we came up with (below):


El Colmado | Chocolate Truffles | Palermo

Sunday morning and a quiet rain-soaked city. 

I’m celebrating chocolate this week, and especially these chocolate truffles from El Colmado- and these are absolutely decadent. This cafe that just recently opened on Cervino with a beautiful storefront, open kitchen, crunchy tostadas and delicious ham and cheese sandwich. My patient surprised me with these truffles and a few days later, I went back and got another bag because I now have a chocolate addiction.  

El Colmado

Cervino 4453, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Illy coffee

cakey, gooey dark chocolate brownie

the spread of breakfasts

grilled sandwich

this truffle

C o n n e c t