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Cafe des arts (MALBA museo)

Figueroa Alcorta Av. 3415, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4808 0754

Another quick post to tickle your palate. 

As you all know by now: I love butter. My ideal wake-me-up is a big jug of strong coffee with pastries that has somehow found their way into sticks of butter before hitting the oven and into my hands.

I’m easy to please with croissants (of any kind), danish turn-overs, pastries layered with phyllo, and even a good ole’ medialuna de grasa- as long as they hit the following criterias: 

  1. the palm-size goodie gives a texture of all three: warm, soft and crunchy
  2. when torn apart, it flakes onto the plate, fingers, and the table
  3. the fillings (if any) are not overwhelmingly sweet and made with solid ingredients
  4. deceivingly covers the fact that I’ve just ingested a stick of butter 

The cafe adjacent to MALBA museum is the standard for the perfect Pain au Chocolat. Yes, better than Le Ble, or L’epi.

It is bigger than my palm, shape like a baby’s bum, and holds that creamy, perfect ratio of chocolate filling that just makes my teeth happily stained.

My advice: go early (in the morning), skip the museum, order a chocolate pastry to go with your coffee and enjoy the quiet buzz in the smartly-designed space. Try to avoid going in the afternoon as theses delicacies usually run out and the place gets saturated with people. Look past those tempting regular croissants and their overly-priced salads and dishes. Trust me. Stick to Pain au Chocolat. The best I’ve had yet in this city.

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