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fun elements

I like this

warm bread and lentil dip

fried empanadas


albondigas: meatballs with mashed potatoes

osobuko: braised shank

Enfunda la Mandonlina 

Jeromino Salguero 1440, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4822 4479

Thank you readers for your continuing comments and emails; without you all I would of never continued evolving and eating hard keeping up with this blog- and nevertheless will never stumble upon unique places like this one by myself- which I am very excited to talk about.

A local (asian) lil bird dropped a note about this venue a few days ago. It was perfect timing because it was eating time and my gut was uninspired choosing between pastas, high-end restaurants, parrillas, pizzas, and etc. 

Restaurant Critic

Located at the more tranquil side of Palermo, tucked into a quiet street, the space opens up into this vintage-like, Alice-in-Wonderland ambiance: old collectables, funny and funky elements, and music that takes you back to the old Argentine days. The space has lots of nooks and areas to hangout; you can either choose to sit outside, right by the window, in the center of the restaurant, or way in the back. A great place to take dates, friends, families and enjoy cheap local dishes along with the just as delicious-fun ambiance.

Food Critic

There are two elements that automatically caught my attention as a foodie.

#1: they serve warm bread.

#2: they serve bone marrows along with their braised shanks


Okay. To elaborate further; they do a mean lemonade. The empanadas were a tad expensive but so worth it when you bite into the fried exterior and dense fillings; the vegetarian patty croquettes oozes out cheese. For the mains, the meatballs with mashed potatoes, and the dissolving tender braised shanks were just very delightfully different from this city’s dining scene. And when I figured out those few bone marrows was there for me to dig into- it was a moment of heaven. 44 pesos ($10) for a hefty portion (enough for 2) of braised beef shank- and the same for their meatball dish. From what others say, they also do a great milanesas (big portion) and other local favorites like beans, lentils, and squashes. The price? 200 pesos ($46) for a jug of lemonade, 2 starters, 2 mains and a Salta beer. There was enough leftover to bring home for the next day. 


  • the service: homely service that greets you at the door, serves up warm breads, and invitations of aperitif shots and dessert shots
  • one of a kind ambiance
  • warm breads
  • slow-cooked shanks with bone marrows
  • unique regional dishes
  • generous portion and super affordable
  • Salta beer


  • focus on regional dishes and stray away from the norm of pasta, steaks
  • forget their limp veggies and get something hearty instead



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