Hernan Gipponi | Refined Dining at Fierro Hotel | Palermo

looking through the menu

hernan's playful side

the bar

argentine version of caipirinha- grappa and malbec

warm bread with a good chew

a bite of crunch into filling side with parmesan cream

hello wines

shrimp with a toss of fennel salad

2nd pairing

slow cooked egg sitting on top of creamed corn and stock

3rd pairing

love a good pour

happy chef greeting us with his signature dish

a well cooked piece of fish with side of quinoa and asparagus

4th pairing

oven cooked spanish rice, with sweet onions and bites of squid

5th pairing

tender entrana (skirt steak) sitting on top of barley rice

6th pairing

stumped me...flowers, seeds, lychee and creamy goodness

7th pairing

as you can see, my focus in my camera was a bit off..

chocolate with a surprise of coconut filling

Hernan Gipponi Restaurant

Soler 5862, Palermo, Buenos Aires 11 3220 6800


Within a few months of opening up this restaurant, it seems all the foodies have either eaten there, blogged about it, or heard about it; either the person behind this whole thing has a niche for marketing, or the food is as good as they say it is. What do I do? I sit and wait. Patience and time usually is a good way to observe the hype of a restaurant. Though after 11 months of agonized waiting (who’s counting), reading the write ups, being teased by pictures online, and then seeing it rise up to #1 at tripadvisor, I decided to check it out- my perfect excuse to celebrate my other half’s upcoming 35th birthday.

The day finally arrived. The 4 hours of gruesome wining and dining, and another 3 blissful hours at brunch the following day, concluded with lots of nods and chewing, agreeing that we love Hernan- his dedication in quality and precision, and his fun and humble personality. It makes anyone smile knowing there is a wonderful fun team he put together in the kitchen that loves creating art+food. 

Restaurant Critic

There is a small well-stocked bar, comfortable sofas and chairs in the dining area, and it is all surrounded by beautiful gold wallpaper, matching colours of blacks, khakis and golds. Though the decor can easily be looked upon as a generic decent hotel ambiance, I was hoping to see elements of Hernan’s food in the restaurant’s design- playful, clean, delicate colours (saying that, Martin, the operator of the hotel and restaurant, has long had that in mind, and will soon be spicing up the restaurant’s overall design). Another nod from me:)

Food Critic

If the pictures aren’t enough to drool over, the dinner can be summed up in a few words: quality, colours, precision, delicate flavors, and little surprises. I wasn’t here to get my money’s worth by counting my caviar, foie gras, wild games, or the molecular techniques. Instead I was drawn into the precision of executing a perfectly flaked fish, or the burst of flavours from the little pieces of entrana, or the wonderfully poached egg sitting on top of the cream corn surrounded by the beautiful soup. The wines? Loved them all; my discovery in this meal was the grappa, the perfect finish to the meal. The 4 hour meal is well worth the price, almost a deal for this tier of fine dining: 190 pesos ($44), plus the 150 pesos ($35) for wine pairing. Lunch and dinner are both the same price, a la carte is also available. What I also enjoy are the sides of surprises the kitchen send your way, as if they are experimenting, having fun, at the same time cooking the real deal. Makes you want to book a meal with them? Wait until my upcoming brunch pictures.


  • alcohol: cocktails and wines
  • the food: the creativity and the refined twist of argentine cuisine
  • service: friendliness of the staff and kitchen
  • good price
  • normal hotel ambiance

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Sarah G. - From the world - July 27, 2012 - 9:57 pm

Ok, after this post I’m trying to having dinner there tonight. :)

FrancesRenHuang - October 2, 2011 - 2:26 am

Hehhe. Love it when you look at it that way :) The wines are fantastic.

Angela - October 1, 2011 - 5:03 pm

Gorgeous photos and a great review, Frances. The food looks fantastic and those wines are some of my favorites (though usually out of my price range so what better way to splurge than to have them paired with amazing food). I liked the reflections in the spoon on that shot you said was out of focus. Looked like you focused on the napkin and the shiny spoon. You could say it was on purpose :)

Martin - September 30, 2011 - 7:41 pm

Thank you so much for this great review, I will share it with Hernán and his staff, they will be very happy!
See you soon at HG!

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