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Prospero Velazco

Arevalo 1947, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4771 1194

As some of you know I have stepped over to the dark side. (Let’s give me a moment of silence as I weep for a minute here). Isn’t opening a restaurant exhilarating, some might ask? The rush of cooking for a bunch of people that have decided against ordering convenient Arg-Chinese food, who put on their suits, and fancy up to our door for a night of The Lost Asian. No stress at all, as my sous-chef and I stood behind our fryer last week and looked at each other, hoping this batch of our home made spring rolls would be perfect. How exciting it seems, when I realized I’m not the blogger anymore, but the cook behind her station pleading for a perfect execution for each dish as I see my fellow friends taking out their cameras and clicking away. Uh-Oh.:) 

This current moment of delicious food that is not cooked by me is super-duper-appreciated by me- hence the reason I want to take a moment to write about this place. 

Restaurant Critic

This place is at a corner, right by a narrow alley, quiet with no visible sign and lots of lights shining into the window. I love the baby blue walls, white interior design, and 4 little tables with lots of pastries surrounding you. Two women, clean white aprons, explaining the display of exquisitely-made french desserts, and opening up a menu of sandwiches with their homemade breads. A great place to drop by for their illy coffee, a french croissant or two, sandwiches, or tea and dessert with friends.

Food Critic

48 pesos ($10) for a salmon sandwich with their homemade baguette? Such a deal compare to other cafes that sells over 60 pesos for their salmon sandwiches. Their vegetarian sandwich 38 pesos ($8) with olive focaccia bread was a mouthful of olives, warm bread, grilled veggies, and brie; I also innocently poured (not drizzle) their boutique olive oil that was sitting there on the table- which elevated the whole sandwich experience to another level. After coffee, we decided that this lunch won’t be complete unless we took home some croissants and dark chocolate mousse cake.


  • quiet location
  • homemade breads, everything made fresh
  • great service: two women working
  • affordable
  • love the light and design of the interior
  • the little cakes and mousses
  • the croissants, less greasy than L’epi, and more flavourful than Le Ble, still was decent but I wasn’t fainting of happiness

What I’ve been doing: 

*Just went back to Lo de Paka: the matambrito is out of the world- still the best.  Actually everything is/still fabulous, for the price and quality.

*Juana M meat decreased in size, still bastante good.

* Olsen’s ambiance is one of the kind, food is still very sad. Sigh.

* Cafe Crespin’s lemon tart: if you love tarty, thick cookie crumb crust, you’ll love theirs. Love their cappuccino, always.

* Reading Allie’s new post, “This is Why You’re Fat”.


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