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Sasha Pasteles

Juncal 2110, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4823 3745

One of the favorite parts of my morning ritual is going into the local pastry shop and picking up my morning bites. I know exactly what to get every time, yet each time my eyeballs involuntarily darts back and forth to the display of enticing selections, meanwhile my mind argues if I should give those packed dulce de leche pastries that swim in powdered sugar another try. Should I? Am I crazy? My conclusion: only if you pass the non-Argentine pastries shops, especially Sasha Pasteles in Recoleta.  Then one is allowed to put down all guards and buy all their assortments of un-dulce de leche pastries. Remember to bite off your friend’s head if they suggest you share. Savor those buttery chews with extra strong coffee and then take a morning nap from the pastry coma that is about to come. 

Cafe Critic

Compare to Le Ble and L’epi,  the selections that sits on the counter are jaw-dropping: croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisins, almond croissant, cinnamon rolls, danish pastries and so much more. I was so distracted by the pastries to even notice the bright pink interior, and the narrow seatings that are packed with customers sipping their coffee paired with croissants.


Excellent fantastic croissants. Cafe de arts still wins for their pain au chocolat. Unfortunately the filling in their beautiful pain au raisins is a bit hard; I love soft, custard-like middle. L’epi still captures my heart for their almond croissants, though Sasha does it in a bigger portion but unfortunately a tad too buttery for my palate. 7-9 pesos/ pastry. 19 pesos ($4) gets you a coffee and a croissant. If only this pasteleria shop will move right next to my building so I can get my addiction of these layered, buttery bites of croissant with a cup of joe everyday.

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