Jueves a La Mesa | Vegetarian Closed Door Restaurant | San Telmo

big commun table

super delicious muffins

sopa negra

big size salads

rice with heart of palms

sweet potato salad

family style

my favorite lettuce wrap

home made chocolate

Jueves a La Mesa

website for reservation: http://juevesalamesa.wordpress.com/ (only Thursdays)

We came without expectations, and left with big bellies and big smiles. I loved it the moment we walked in, from the details of the ambiance, to the care and love given throughout the whole meal.  It might help that Meghan, the bubbly beautiful person (also the co-founder of BuenaOnda Yoga) and funky-fun Sofia (who worked at the recently closed, Maltilda’s) welcomed the crowd with fun and laughters, the same time cooking up a storm in the tiny kitchen. That kitchen spills out food that feeds a crowd of 12. Very impressive. 

Restaurant Critic: Located in San Telmo, in a local apartment building, the space is magically transformed under the hands of Meghan. Walking in, one couldn’t help smiling seeing the huge polka-dot table cloth, and lights in a shape of stars hanging along the wall. The space is surrounded by colourful flowers, plants hanging from bookshelves, and candles illuminating the pictures of San Telmo inspired doors hanging on the wall. I especially love the antique cutlery and old-style wine glasses- all very San Telmo. A perfect place to go with veggie-lover friends, people from out-of-town wanting an intimate San Telmo experience, or just going for the laid back atmosphere.

Food Critic: It was a delicious well-thought out menu. The family-style, passing dishes around, having a chat, reaching in for a 2nd or 3rd helping, wine bottles on the table, really complimented the food that Jueves a La Mesa cooks. I loved every dish. The nourishing black bean soup paired with the honey cheese muffins were wonderful. The refreshing bountiful salads, creamy sweet potato, delicious brown rice casserole, and the finishing of home made chocolates and fruits were all superb; by the end of the night there was still food on the table and wines leftover. All that for 100 pesos ($25). Great deal.  On top of that, they will also send out emails of the recipes! Oh wait, did I mention their water is infused with cinnamon and anise?


  • the ambiance: parallel to the hippie, lay back atmosphere of San Telmo
  • super affordable
  • family-style servings
  • well executed veggie dishes: satisfying
  • little touches: homemade sour cream, infused water to heart-shaped chocolates
  • only on Thursday

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