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I love everything French; their love of food, life, discipline in eating, analytical techniques in food executions, and the natural simplicity in their dishes. They do have that right to be a bit snobbish; the country that churns out beautiful wines, french salt, truffle oil, butter, croissants, foie gras- must I say more?:) 

Came across this one day when I was flipping through the local channels. The dynamic between these two bakers in the Gourmet channel is too funny. One guy was obviously french, speaking a heavy accented spanish, while his partner roll his eyes and casually joins in the conversation as they baked these heaven-like breads that comes out of their brick oven; nevertheless, it got me on the internet to check out their location. Finally. A stray away from cold white bread. A cute french bakery that bakes from their own fermenter and even carries sourdough breads! Though their croissants aren’t as buttery and gigantic as Le Ble, their breads are hearty and delicious, and their almond croissants are addictive. If only they could expand it into a bistro/cafe, so a chunk of time can be wasted with a book, a cup of coffee and a few croissants.

L’epi Bakery


Montevideo 1567, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4812 1390

Roseti 1769, Centro, Buenos Aires 4552 6402



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