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Miso Dressing | Salads | Asian Inspired Recipes


This has been our top favorite salad dressing: easy to make and delicious. Serves 2~4 Miso Salad Dressing 1 tbsp of miso 1 tbsp of peanut oil 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce 1/2 scallion sliced thin 1 tbsp of crushed sesame 1/2 tbsp of honey 3 big handful of your favorite mix of salad: lettuce, […]

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Maltilda’s Cafe | Big Wraps and Coffee to Go | San Telmo


It seems this week is all about cafe. I couldn’t resist- here’s another one- this time a tiny cafe in San Telmo. Their philosophy is taking coffee to go- a completely different concept from the coffee culture in BA. The hip young style of this place reminded me of coffee shops of the Mission District, […]

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Maru Botana | Plaza Castelli | Good for Lunch


This cafe, despite being owned by a television celebrity-chef, doesn’t at all seem chic or pretentious. This small cafe seemingly represents her style: the overflowing of baked goods, sweets and a staff of all smiles. Maru Botana Echeverría 3220, Belgrano R, Buenos Aires 455 8887 (http://www.marubotana.com/) Cafe Critic: The location is another wonderful element to this cafe. […]

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Anzac Bites | Cookies | The Lost Asian


Anzac- the New Zealand and Australian’s national cookie; cookies that wives made for their dear husbands going to war. Fortunately, I’m just making it for my own gluttonous pleasure, eating it all before my other half comes home. My good friend/consultant from New Zealand gave me this wonderful recipe months ago. Extremely easy to make; in a matter […]

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Restaurant El Maipu | Delicious Entraña | San Telmo


Restaurant El Maipú Av. San Juan 451, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4361 4289 Someone very cool introduced me to her favorite cut of meat: entraña, aka skirt steak; since then, I had my shares of entrañas.  Though most of them come tougher then tender, I never can resist trying it when I see it on the […]

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