Salkantay Trek | The Meals | to Machu Picchu

This all happened a few weeks before the trek. My excited other half was reading up the day-by-day itinerary of trekking up 4600mt, through mountains, blue skies, snowcaps, and the magical encounter of Machu Picchu; the same time I was home-testing crackers and bars to decide upon the most suitable ones that will reward my every 2 hours of gruesome walks through rocks, heights, and dirt. (The verdict was salty club crackers, twix, and chewy snicker bars.) And then more importantly, I had to do my research on my daily meal plans just to make sure fresh caught trouts, wood-grilled, with wild greens and a slice of lime pie will be delivered daily by our own private chef. All the Salkantay Trek websites and blogs I came upon stated the following descriptions: delicious, generous, tea-break, snacks, Peruvian delicacies, super meals, three-courses, a baked cake. Still too vague, I promised that no matter how exhausted my arms are from holding the hiking sticks, my remainder last squeeze of energy will go towards snapping a few photos and post it all to fellow food-lovers that are forced by their other half to go on treks.:)

*No matter how expensive you are paying for your trek, the food is pretty much the same because the cooks are all trained in the same way (maybe the containers and plate wares are better presented), or unless you go with a big group- then the meals are simpler and more carb-oriented. Nothing to rave about: the meat over-cooked, some tomato sauces, popcorns for tea-time, snacks fried in warm oil, and cold stale breads. In the end, in my mind it was all noted down as some kind of fried, meat, carbs, and the general sauces.

the better of the breads at the start of the trip. Garlic-style

some kind of soup for every meal

some kind of starters

some carbs, some dried meat with sauce

tea and coffee time

our daily popcorns

something fried along with it

breakfast: omelette & pancakes

quinoa and some more meat, some fried cauliflower

starter: potato and tuna

a salad on a good day

and as the days pass: more carbs

… pizza.

chicken with sauce

and the last day: cake (refrain from eating, unless you like the taste of stale flour, loads of sugar, and hard icing)



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