Merry Christmas | Pigging Out in San Francisco + Vancouver

San Francisco

This is home. A place that is filled with fancy coffee shops, endless streams of cheap ethnic food in the midst of chic fine dining, and groceries stores stuffed with organic selections. I was so excited and busy eating away that most of the time I forgot to take pictures of what I’m scoffing down.

Recently opened in Mission District is Knead Patisserie that bakes up delicious pomme de amore and almond twists. In the same room is Local Mission Eatery where we had crunchy fried chicken, corn bread made with red corn, and kale salad (love kale). It’s good to be back.

Rainbow Grocery is San Francisco’s favorite local grocery store- my favorite place to wander around for at least a hour. One of the best cheese selections in the bay area: raw cow milk, sheep, brie, cheddar, olives. Perfect afternoon snack.

Love the gigantic pastries from Tartine Bakery (the best banana cream pie), and the almond croissant from Panorama Baking Company.

Of course, the famous Gary Danko. A fine dining opportunity for my sister’s birthday.

One of my many addictions- CHIPS! Salt and pepper, vinegar and salt, terra chips.

The famous Bi-Rite Market that carries rare boutique chocolates- the famous poco dolce olive oil sea salt chocolate.

The only great thing about coming back during winter time is the dungeness crab season. Costco has two crabs for just $14.00!!! Some clarified butter, get some slave (my sister) to crack open the meat and dinner is beautifully served.

The recent hype in SF is the Umami Burger, the pricey sexy burgers that has the nostalgia tater tots. If you ask me, I would still prefer In&Out, but the bun was soft like lips and the meat is juicy and delicious.

Is surprisingly to declare that I found the best dim sum in San Francisco (yes, better than HK): Hong Kong Lounge. The food is very affordable, and every dish is made with lots of fresh ingredients with the abundance of flavors and fillings.

Of course when walking a few feet feels like work, ordering in is always a solution. Pizza, indian, vietnamese and chinese. This trip I tried  Udupi Palace and loved their dosas, south indian curries, and veggie options.


My other half’s home, also a place where I visit my distant relatives since I was little. Home of sushi, seafood, fish and chips, good ole’ micro-breweries and Canadian gourmet dining that recently popped up in the recent years.

I love sushi in this city; there are so many different options from cheap lunch options, cheap take-out, to elegant dining. One of my favorite is the funky ambiance, cheap options of The Eatery, and another is the fine delicate sushi of Kiyo Sushi- a 10+ year sushi place famous for their high quality ingredients (pictures below). Fresh saba and fish roes? I was in H E A V E N.

Fish and Chips Eh? Fish Cafe fries up big fat flakey fresh snapper, halibut, salmon with a beautiful light batter, and serves it on newspaper in a metal frying pan. The best fish and chips I’ve had in this city.

I accidentally deleted The Elbow Room Cafe pictures, a must-go cafe for a taste of old-style country breakfast located in Yaletown that serves breakfast with a sarcastic attitude. Other than that, grab some of the famous Siegel’s Bagels for a good chewy dense breakfast bite.

Recently opened is Edible Canada; an open kitchen/market that specialized in dishes using local ingredients. My first try at Sablefish and love the buttery flakey texture of it. French fries fried in duck oil with homemade ketchup didn’t blow me away but always hard to resist. Did I mention I am in love with Canadian beers?

Rodneys Oyster House. Enough said. A night of oyster after oyster, mussels in a beautiful butter broth, and hearty caesars with fresh horseradish. This is why I love Vancouver.

All Canadians love Keg Steakhouse, a place that serves a good steak, makes the best margarita in the city, an escargot dish drowned in evil butter, and complimentary sourdough bread that is too good to refuse.

All Canadians know White Spot, an old nostalgia restaurant for some great service, burgers, salads, good breakfasts, and other white-people’s dishes. Known for their burger, I couldn’t exist to get some bacon+mushroom+ cheddar burger with some southwestern sweet potato fries.

Today will be the last day for coffees, breads, butters, and all things fries and onto Asia- the country of rice, soy sauce and other exciting dishes for me to capture. Merry Christmas to all my fans!!

Vancouver Part II

After all the visiting family & friends dies down after Christmas, I started to get the itch to know about the food scene of Vancouver- asked around friends for recommendation, and of course tuning into bloggers from this city. And then stuffing my face.

  1. The best cupcake I’ve had with 0% guilt at Edible Flour.
  2. The most deliciously packed (and expensive) pizza I’ve had at Stevetson Pizza.
  3. Medina Cafe- a perfect breakfast date place. Share the wonderful chewy fluffy waffles and sip on coffee, lavender flavor to be exact.
  4. The bartenders striving for the perfect drink. Cocktails and aperitifs at Pourhouse (not whorehouse).
  5. Complimentary cinnamon buns for brunch at The Flying Pig. Oh yes, and the pulled pork and beans stew, topped with poached eggs and a sweet addictive hollandaise sauce. The superb eggs benedict, especially when it involves sock-eye salmon and a good ole’ piece of sourdough bread. Top it off with a fried up crunchy bits of hash brown.

moist, perfectly sweetened piece of cupcake that contains no eggs, no diary, no processed sweeteners. And lots of flavours to choose from.

Italian pizza. The crust perfect, not at all oily, and packed with fresh ingredients.

Black forest ham + chunk size pineapples + black olives. So good.

mmmm waffles at Medina Cafe- a must order.

A sip of sweetness. Lavender flavored coffee

A taste of fun and drinks at Pourhouse.


this big sweet goodness is complimentary :)

good stew with poached eggs- perfect winter breakfast

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Ramona - April 9, 2013 - 10:23 pm

Rodneys’ Oyster House….my fav!

Maria - January 16, 2012 - 3:00 pm

The poco dolce bars sound very tempting!

Paige - December 26, 2011 - 9:19 pm

I had to restrain myself from licking my computer screen / drooling all over the keyboard. The best part about going home is the 24/7 food fest… Enjoy it!

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