Something Beautiful | Fervor + Caseros + Local | The Lost Asian

Leather seats, chandeliers, white linen cloth, and vaulted ceiling with balcony overlooking the diners-  the experience of dining at Fervor (Posadas 1519) is one of a kind. Expensive, but worth a go with friends and family. Their seafood platter is super-abundant. Though in my preference, a bit overcooked.

the chandelier

a plate of seafood

Caseros (Caseros Av 486) is located at this peaceful, beautiful street in San Telmo. For the ambiance, service and amazing breads, they have won me over for my favorite lunch deals around town.

the space

love their breads

simple pear salad

Local (Arevalo 2063) in Palermo, a semi-hidden bistro impressed me with their minimalist design, simple menu, good selections of wines and a perfectly executed pork belly. Yes.

beautiful space

perfect pork belly

* p.s: check out El Colmado. The new chef serves up scrumptious dishes: great lunch deals and dinner tastings. Tell me what you think.


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La Pecora Nera | Italian in Recoleta | The Lost Asian

La Pecora Nera

Ayaucho 1785, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4804 2000

the  chandelier

welcome bites

mushroom heaven #1

mushroom heaven #2

and just pure heaven

apple strudel with cinnamon ice cream

coffee ice cream with tiramisu


We skipped the appetizers, ignored the meat dishes,  and dove into the wonders of pastas and risottos, slightly ignoring the basket of bread sprinkled with a suspicious white sugar crystal.

I  love the decor of black curtains, dark woods, and delightful chandeliers.  By the end of the night, this place was packed with good looking bunches of old and young: business men, and family get together.

The dishes arrived. The rich creamy risotto played a wonderful texture of heartiness and creaminess- generously filled with mushrooms. The sorrentinos were a wonder of fluffy delights, filled with crabmeat and sitting in a sauce that was unbearably delicious. It was so hard to share.

Dessert. One of the best interpretation of tiramisu. The apple strudel was just as amazing: the filling was organic, not too sweet at all, and just pure addiction.

Perfect for special occasion. Dress up, get a bunch of people, order right, and remember to share. Don’t dare to forget dessert. * About 500 pesos (for two) with a bottle of wine; or was it two bottles?

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Our April Pop-Up | The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen

We are super excited. 

#1: Two more months before our move to Singapore. Join us with food to celebrate to the end of the night- especially when May 1st is a holiday. 

#2: Blanch have generously offered their beautiful space for us to play. Wooden floor, white linen, hanging crystal lights- we are here to woo you.

#3: The owner Diego used to work at Buddha Bar;  he is stoked to work with us in the kitchen. His request: pig ears.

#4: Do you guys like the menu below ?

#5: We only take reservations:


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My 48 Hours in New Orleans | The Lost Asian

48 hours New Orleans from Frances Ren Huang on Vimeo.

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What I’ve been Eating | Dada + Doppelganger | The Lost Asian

Something deliciousness that I’ve been eating this past week. Enjoy:)

  1. Dada, the cutest bistro in Centro has the dish that all mankind needs to eat. Fried sorrentinos filled with melted cheese lathering in the sauce of curry, cream and mushroom. 
  2. Doppelganger, in San Telmo has the most romantic, fun, casual bar ambiances- all meshed into one, and the most obsessed drinks menu ever created by this city (read PUTF’s post for more info). I love it. 
  3. Gran Parrilla a la Plata, the picturesque (touristic) parrilla in San Telmo serves good enough meats and sides but what blows my mind is their napolitana. This giant piece of juicy chicken, is topped with the accenture of homemade tomato sauce. Oh yes- Don Zoilo has some mean competition here. 
  4. Meghan, from Jueves a La Mesa got us all together to celebrate Easter at her cottage-like rustic space. p.s: do you guys like my fruit arrangement ? 


San Martin 941, Centro, Buenos Aires 4314 4787


Av. Juan de Garay 500, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4300 0201

 Gran Parrilla a del Plata

Chile 594, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4300 8858

Easter Celebration:) 

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