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Chives and Pork

pork and cabbage

Da Dong Fan Dian 

Vera 468, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires 4857 6314

Sometimes I feel Villa Crespo is the real Chinatown, where pockets of asians appear in chinese restaurants and supermarkets. This restaurant, just like the others in the area, from the outside looks just like another shabby Chinese place. But walking in, it is filled with Chinese clientele going just for their dumplings and nothing else. What are northern dumplings? Northern Chinese dumplings on the exterior are just a tad bit thicker than the southern ones, though their fillings are always deliciously magnificent: juicy and flavourful. My favorite in Beijing has always been Baoyuan Dumplings, not only do they have countless flavours, they also come in rainbow colours! Da Dong Fa Dian sadly only has 2 flavours to choose from, and even if they are not in rainbow colours, every bite reminds me of the dumplings I have missed back in Beijing. 

Restaurant Critic

Just like other Chinese places (all over the world), there is nothing much to say about the ambiance or exterior decoration. Enjoy the dim light, busy environment, quick service, and scattered tables and chairs.

Food Critic

Go for their dumplings, at most add another few appetizer dishes to nip on, other than that stay away from their stir-fry dishes. They are known for their dumplings, noodles and everything that has to do with flour. For dumplings, they have two flavors: chive and pork/ chinese cabbage and pork. Two ways of preparing it: boiling it and pan-frying it. I liked both, but secretly still choose the pan-frying option. Love the crispy exterior and the juicy interior. Price? 20 pesos for 15 two-bite dumplings; we ordered one of each for two people, by the end we were stuffed and happy.


  • dumplings, especially their pan-fried option
  • noodles: noodles with fried bean sauce (beijing zha jiang mian)
  • super affordable
  • ambiance
  • would like more flavour options for dumplings


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