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Hello platitos of food

let’s start!

don’t mind us while we grab our beef

and some pork

and some shrimp

all the while Mun is working and sweating away


Daore Korean BBQ

Bacacay 3236 Buenos Aires 4612 9072

Sundays as we all know is the holy day of eating and sleeping (and maybe churching). My Sundays consist of sleep-walking while I eat brunch (how can one miss that), slipping back in to bed, and then finally waking up like a true vampire: hungry and ready to consume a cow until I stank of meat, garlic, and bloody wines. 

This may be the last Sunday meal for Mun and I – so obviously I begged him to take me to something Korean, and somewhere deep in the city where textiles are made, flashing cars and Korean faces peep out at corners.

Restaurant Critic

The previous owner of Ha Na Jun decided to close her previous place and open up this BBQ place: much more refined and spacious than the last one. The space starts on the first floor, cleaner, more inviting, opening inside to a seating space which are separated by bamboo ornaments. The place is packed with Koreans, filled with the bbq smoke, and smelled of my perfect envision of what a Korean heaven might look like.

Food Critic

The unlimited complimentary dishes and our 5 gigantic plates of meats are incomparable in terms of qualities, flavours, and authenticity: delicious house-made kimchi, soft crab legs in korean hot sauce, cold- sliced pork, bbq shrimps, salads after salads, miso soup with clams, and fine quality of bqq short ribs. In addition to our loaded alcohol intake, the bill was 150 pesos/person ($32), including tip. A deal.


  • family-style: we love it so much, that The Hidden Kitchen is getting together to scheme
  • great quality of meats and unlimited complimentary dishes: soup, soft-crabs, salads, pork belly and beef
  • do-it-yourself grilling


  • location: Flores area



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