Pani | Cinnamon Bun to Die For | Palermo

lovely garden space

stair case leading to another space

window into the kitchen


I secretly love Pani just that bit more than their competition next door- Oui Oui. Simply in my opinion their breads and pastries in texture and flavours are just a notch better, and their menu has plentiful options to choose from. They also open early which is always a plus with family who have early rising little ones (or a dog like us). 



Nicaragua 6044, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4772 6420

Cafe Critic

The place is very endearingly decorated. The display of wonderful pastries at the entrance luring pedestrians, and the buzz in the semi-open kitchen in the middle of the cafe, to the different seating areas, from the garden space in the back to the big fluffy sofas upstairs.

Food Critic

Ambiance is important in some sense, but when the cinnamon bun explodes with sweet soft sugary deliciousness, it wouldn’t matter if I was sitting on the floor in front of car fumes scarfing this down. And for just 7 pesos ($1.75)? Deal. The ham, cheese and mushroom omelette for 18 pesos ($4.50) was fluffy and creamy, and enough to serve 2. Yes, the french croissants were buttery- a bite of crunch and the sinking in of softness in the inside. Be careful when on the way out; that big piece of chocolate oreo cheesecake might be the big elephant blocking the entrance that cannot be ignored.

*Interested in more of their dishes? Check out Pick Up The Fork’s take on their sandwiches and more about their menu.


  • ambiance
  • breakfast options
  • pastries: cinnamon bun is a must-try, everything flour-made is good
  • service: might be a slow for some, but super friendly
  • affordable
  • ever expanding waistline


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FrancesRenHuang - July 31, 2011 - 4:12 pm

Glad we feel the same. :)

FrancesRenHuang - July 27, 2011 - 8:08 pm

don’t!!! :D next time you come we’ll go and get all sweetened up!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures - July 27, 2011 - 8:04 pm

OMG I’m about to eat my computer screen, yuuuuuum!!!

Kelly - July 25, 2011 - 7:19 pm

Great post! I also love Pani way more than Oui, Oui. Truth be told I got pissed at Oui, Oui when the super slow and super rude waitress handed me a menu with NO prices…I thought “You expect me to ASK you the price of each item, or you want it to be a suprise when you bring me the check?” So, I got up, walked out and promptly saw Pani and had a fantastic brunch. :)

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