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the space

the warm breads

jamon y queso

of course sweet breads


the process of our salad

those crunchy fries

the meat

Don Julio

Guatemala 4691 esquina Gurruchaga, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4831 9564

If you are going back and forth about places to eat in the overwhelming lists of parrillas, restaurants, and cafes in Palermo- don’t sweat, just walk to the corner of Guatemala and sit down at Don Julio’s. Speak English if you have to, and it is guaranteed you will be taken care of without breaking your wallet. It is definitely my #1 choice to bring guests from out of town who crave for a parrilla experience, especially in the evenings, and also loves everything Palermo.  

Restaurant Critic

The restaurant is an experience by itself, the space is enveloped by an impressive floor-to-ceiling display of wine bottles, coupled with the warm bustling open parrilla as waiters float back and forth delivering orders. Their outdoor seatings are for ones that love a bit of space and privacy, and have time to linger for service and street-watching.

Food Critic

The  food is solid and consistent. Warm chewy bread continuously sent onto the table is definitely a thumbs up for me. The french fries are one of the crunchiest I’ve had so far in parrillas, and the bife de chorizo and matambrito are executed perfectly. The experience of Don Julio is enjoying the service; the waiters here play the role in making the salad infront of guests, giving suggestions in meats and pastas, nonchalantly send an ipad your way when the wine list is requested, and cutting up portions individually onto plates- the service that sits between the overly-touristy La Cabrera and the abrupt services of local parrillas. The price range of the dishes and wines are surprisingly reasonable, cheap for Palermo, even around the same price you’ll get in other local places. About 170 pesos ($40) per person including a generous tip; a table filled with orders of empanadas, sweetbreads, chorizo, salad, fries, two cuts of meat and two bottles of good wines- all shared by a table of 4, of course.


  • complimentary warm breads on the table
  • the experience: ambiance, food and service
  • extensive wine list
  • affordable and good hearty portions
  • solid dishes: crunchy great fries and great cuts of meat, my favorite is the bife de chorizo
  • superb service


  • sweetbreads aren’t the highlight here
  • chorizo was okay
  • the ipads: unfitting for such a rustic parrilla environment

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